Marc Lowenstein (conductor and tenor) is a composer, conductor, singer, and teacher. At CalArts, he conducts the New Millennium Ensemble and coordinates the Music Theory curriculum and teaches theory and other various classes. He conducts regularly with ensemble green and the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, and has conducted much of the standard repertoire as well. He was a founder and director of Berkeley Contemporary Opera and he has written a full-length opera, The Fisher King, based on the screenplay of the same name. He has written several other large works. Specializing in contemporary music, he has sung numerous premieres at several new music festivals, on the Green Umbrella and the LACMA Monday Evening concert series. He has also founded a group Ahava dedicated to improvisatory versions of Jewish folk music from around the world. He has a Ph.D. in composition from UC Berkeley and an A.B from Harvard College and studied at the Conservatoire Americaine de Fontainebleau.